Volunteers urgently wanted

We are looking for people from our Village to contribute to the operations of, and help make decisions on, the future of the Village Hall; helping to make sure things happen and the Village Hall continues to function smoothly

We are not asking for lots of your time and energy.  We know that the more people who offer to help, then the easier it will be for everyone – for you , the Village Hall and its future and importantly for the local Community. We will be making informed decisions based on the views of the wider community and looking to better meet our Communities needs. to achieve that

The current Chair and Secretary are to stand down from their roles at the end of this term of office and so, in order to continue with their excellent work, we need to start making contingency plans now, looking to bolster our Committee and Friends in readiness for the next stage of the Village Hall’s long and interesting history.

There is a role for anyone interested – no matter what your skills and knowledge base is, we will value it

If you could spare some time and would like to get involved then we would love to hear from you.  Please email admin@coxhoevillagehall.com or ring 0191 377 0344 and ask for Karen for more information