Coxhoe Beavers in the picture

Coxhoe Beavers took up photography this January as part of this year’s activities.

The Beavers were given a talk on photography by local amateur photographer, very amateur, Ian Forster who runs and takes the photographs for both the Village Hall and the Coxhoe Parish Council community website. The Beavers learned a little about the history of photography, brilliantly identified the age of cameras in Ian’s collection and were given some top tips on taking photographs. Then came the fun when they took their own photographs in the hall. There were lots of activities going on so they had some great subject matter including the building of bird houses, another activity that was part of the Beaver’s curriculum.

The Beavers had a great time and learned a little at the same time.

Here is a sample of the photographs they took -aren’t they great? If any of the Beavers who took photographs on their own phones want to publish their photographs in this gallery please contact Mrs Paula Prest or email Ian on

Check out more pictures here……