Village Hall Manager grant application submitted

The Village Hall Management Committee have submitted a grant application to the Coalfields Communities Trust to secure a grant to provide a part time manager to help run the Village Hall. At the moment the hall is being run by volunteers who have busy personal lives.

A part time manager would help the Village Hall :

  • raise the profile of the organisation by giving a more professional, business-like image;
  • have someone attend management group meetings, action decisions made, be visible and accessible, ensure efficient use of staff, . act as liaison and bridge the gap between hall users/beneficiaries and the management group;
  • have a good day to day management system and ensure awareness of everyone in the Hall for security and health and safety purposes;
  • have someone to oversee works carried out in the building, imminently – toilet and kitchen improvements and new heating system;
  • keep up to date with new voluntary sector developments;
  • actively promote facilities and activities through the website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. helping to attract income generating activities;
  • carry out further research into how the hall could fulfil the needs of the local population; and
  • drive forward the development plan including green building project and building improvements.

If the grant application is successful the appointment would be for a period of one year.