Coxhoe Village Hall needs you!

Coxhoe Village Hall Needs You!The Village Hall needs more volunteers to become members of a new Management Committee. If it does not get help from the community, the Hall’s future may be in doubt. A meeting is to take place on 15th January 2013 in the Village Hall. Please come along to find out more. Even a little of your time or skill could help save this important community resource that is at risk.

After many years of dedication and service, the existing Village Hall Committee members have all decided to stand down.

I think we would all agree that the Village Hall is an important asset but in need of major refurbishment. Plans have been developed working with an architect to make it a better facility for the future needs of the village. These will be put out for consultation shortly and funding applications will be made.

To do this we need your support. It is important to stress that any time you can afford to give to this would be welcomed.

If the Village Hall is to survive and go forward as a community focused facility, members of the community need to come forward who are willing to become members of a new management group.

An initial meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday 15th January 2013 7pm at the Village Hall. Your attendance would be both welcomed and appreciated.

Let’s pull together and not only save this important facility from closure but develop it into a village hub once more.

Paul Dodsworth, Chair, Coxhoe Parish Council