Planning and Funding


Our aim has always been to ensure Coxhoe Village Hall has sustainable future and is fit for the 21st Century. To achieve this aim we consistently develop, implement, monitor and review our action plan. You can download the latest action plan on the link below. Please note that we like to do things innovatively and the things we have achieved are identified in red on the action plan. Please read the key to understand what our colour coded system on our action plan means.

Coxhoe Village Hall Action Plan September 2016


In order to improve the Village Hall we depend on seeking grant aid. We have sought grant aid from an number of sources to implement our action plan and will continue to do so where appropriate and necessary.

We are very grateful to all those that have aided us through the provision of grants as well as our users who have contributed so much.

You can find out the results some of our funding efforts below:

To provide a vibrant 21st century facility which meets community aspirations
Funding from ACTION Timescale
£3000 funding from East Durham Rural Corridor Area Action Partnership Building Inspections and work with architect to develop ideas for building alterations 2012
£2100 funding from County Durham Community Foundation Provide exterior notice boards Jan-13
Donation from Coxhoe Parish Council Redecoration of  rooms 1, 2, entrance hall, ground floor toilets and stage changing rooms Sep-13
£1500 donation from County Councillors Neighbourhood Budget Treat dry rot/woodworm around main hall stage area / replace understage doors Dec-13
£4,000 funding from East Durham Rural Corridor Area Action Partnership plus our own funds Refurbish 1st floor rooms 3 & 4, stairway and toilets – re-decorate, new flooring, refurbish kitchen, works to enable folding dividing doors to operate Feb-14
Donation from Coxhoe Community Partnership & Coxhoe Parish Council plus our own funds. Main Hall renovation – Re-plaster and redecorate/ replace worn floor boards in alcoves Jun-14
£440 donation from Village Hall Hop plus £440 from our own funds. New Stage Backing Curtains installed – sourced and organised by Village Hall Hop Dec-14
£2,000 funding from Councillors Neighbourhood Budget Improve toilet facilities – handwater heaters, soap dispensers, refurbish changing room toilet Sep-15
£8320 grant from The Coalfields Regeneration Trust Employ Part-Time Manager for 1 year. Apr-15
Biffa Award Main Grants Fund £31,760 including 10% third party Contribution from Coxhoe Community Partnership Installed new energy efficient heating system Nov-15
£5,000 Funding received from County Durham Community Foundation Wind Farm Fund. Installation of Roof and Wall Insulation and change to LED lighting. Oct-15
£1000 donation from Ladies Club Carpet fitted to stairs, landing and side entrance hall, Jan-16
£3k funding sought from by Bernard Sunley Foundation.  £10k funding sought Awards for All.  £5k funding sought from  Durham County Community Foundation.


£10k Funding from M&S Fund following successful competition victory thanks to community votes

Groundfloor Kitchen Refurbishment




Solar Panel Project