Coronavirus Update

At the moment, it is business as usual here at the Village Hall and common sense is key in a situation like this  to help stop germs like corona virus (COVID19) spreading. Understandably, people are concerned and we totally understand if you prefer or choose to not attend activities over the coming weeks and month.

Although there is no real specific advice for Village Halls, we are adhering to the advice given by government, Public Health England, World Health Organisation (WHO) and NCVO , and we will keep up to date with the ongoing situation. We are signed up to receive immediate Government updates and will act when necessary. There is no need for most staff or volunteers to avoid the workplace.

However we will be observing social distancing and ask that you wash your hands more regularly and thoroughly when using the Village Hall; and at all other times too of course

Derek and Shirley, our Caretakers, will ensure that soap, hand sanitiser (when available) and paper towels are regularly topped up and we have placed notices about hand washing around the Village Hall, particularly in toilets and kitchen areas. Viruses can live on hard surfaces for up to eight hours and the advice is to frequently clean key areas including keyboards and door handles, which again we are doing

Advice to hirers are that they are expected to act responsibly and take notice of Government and Public Health England advice which includes who is and isn’t allowed to be in public spaces

For users, we ask you too act responsibly and advise that you ‘self isolate’ if you think you might have coronavirus by

  • Staying at home,
  • Avoiding work, school and other public areas
  • Avoiding public transport and taxis
  • Getting friends and family to deliver food, medicines etc rather than going to the shops, and
  • Discouraging visitors

In respect of any cancellation of any bookings and activities in the event of the hall having to close, we will try and keep in touch and make contact if necessary.

If you would like to contact us then please email Karen – or ring 0191 377 0344. Please note that we are not always available but we will respond as soon as possible.